Transvac Products

Transvac Systems have developed a range of innovative maintenance equipment and consumables specifically designed to enhance the operation of Marine Vacuum Sanitary Systems as installed on a wide variety of vessels and offshore installations operating worldwide.

Branded Products Outline

PiranhaVac Acid Injection Units

The PiranhaVac Acid Injection Unit is an innovative maintenance tool which has been specifically designed to effectively de-scale the internal bore of vacuum mains without causing disruption to the operation of the vacuum sanitary system.

The unit is a “cleaning tool” which can be used easily and effectively by the operator to remove the buildup of calcination (on an annual basis) as an onboard maintenance task. In effect, the operator/owner will not require specialist companies to attend the vessel during drydock or emergency periods in order to clean and remove calcination and will gain considerable savings towards maintenance/running costs.


The Transtrap Solids Trap

The Transtrap Solids Trap is a Tine Filter which has been designed to effectively capture large scale debris (such as Rags, Rope, Bolts and Bottles etc) prior to entering the Ejectors and Pumps.

Transtrap Solids Trap

The Slop-Hopper

The Transvac “Slop-Hopper” is a large scale vacuum interface valve which can be fitted in-line to collect gray and black water arisings from Gravity Flush Toilets and Waste Disposal Units fitted to Galley Sinks. The unit is ruggedly designed to handle larger scale debris without fouling – units are available in either Stainless Steel (AISI 316) or Galvanised Steel.


Ragsnag Rings

The Ragsnag Ring has been designed to capture and retain prohibitive debris (such as rags/nappies/bottles and syringes etc) within the vacuum closet bowl, prior to entering the vacuum main.

Ragsnag Rings

The Air Admission Valve

The Air Admission Valve is a fully automated device that can be permanently installed on the extreme end of problematic lines that are prone to flooding as a result of poor vacuum quality and regular blockages.

The valves are easy to install, unobtrusive, require minimal maintenance and are silenced to enable them to be fitted within accommodation areas.

Air Admission Valve

The Antifoam Dosing Unit

The Antifoam Dosing Unit has been designed to to meter pre-determined batches of Antifoam Agent to the surface of the tank contents on a “Little and Often” basis.

The Antifoam Agent (TSHD9) is a biodegradable surfactant agent which is miscible in liquids and emulsifies the build-up of foam as and when it occurs.

The Antifoam Dosing Unit is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its “state-of-the-art” LC timer and feed rate scroll controls.

Antifoam Dosing Unit


Transvac Systems supply Chemicals and Consumable Products to support the operation of Marine Vacuum Sanitary Systems. These products have been developed on the basis of experience and a continued demand from the market.