System Design

We work closely with our customers to provide support through all stages of a project from first concept to final delivery.

Our technical team adopt a holistic approach towards the design of any system as it has to integrate within the infrastructure of a vessel or platform and may have impact on other systems and services.

We select our products to suit customer specifications and size the systems according to required capacities and loadings. The equipment and ancillaries are usually COTS generic design, however, there are occasions where modifications are required to enable integration and avoid impingement, particularly for retrofit projects.


Systems designated for specialist theatre-role naval vessels and offshore platforms also dictate stringent environmental requirements that have to be considered in design together with the communication protocols that have to be applied to enable an interface with the vessel’s integrated platform management system.

Our Technical Services team provide a comprehensive range of services which include consultancy and onsite surveys to determine system requirements. Systems are sized according to specification and general arrangement drawings are provided when required. 3D modelling can also be produced (particularly for retrofit projects) for further detail and to establish feasibility.

Bespoke arrangements can also be designed and manufactured in-house using the same processes. All work is conducted within the scope of the company’s ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications.


Turnkey Approach

Transvac’s extensive product portfolio and service capabilities enables the company to provide turnkey solutions for Vacuum Sanitary Systems and Ballast Water Treatment.

Transvac’s in-house resources enables the company to adopt a turnkey approach towards delivering environmental packages for newbuildings and retrofit projects.

The company offers a broad product selection and expert advice from a customer-focused team emanating from marine engineering and plumbing industries.

Whether it’s a requirement for a replacement closet bowl or a specification for a total turn-key sanitary package, Transvac Systems will work with the customer to find the best solution and choose the best products to suit their needs.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Total System Design.
  • Onsite Surveys and Consultation.
  • In-House Design Facilities incorporating 3D Solidworks Modelling.
  • PLC Program Design and Maintenance.
  • Supply and Installation.
  • Startup & Commissioning.
  • Technical Support and Training.
  • Service and Repair.
  • Through Life Support.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Large Stockholding.
  • Extensive Warehouse.
  • Dedicated Machine Shop and Fabrication Facilities.
  • In-House Pump Repair and Test Facilities.
  • Marine and Offshore Qualified Engineers.
  • Onsite Fabrication, Installation and Repair.

In-field Maintenance Service

Transvac Systems’ Technical Department includes a dedicated team of multi-disciplined engineers that focus on providing through-life support for all of the equipment and products that are sold to our clientele both in the UK and Globally.

We have always believed that strong technical support pays long-term dividends by re-assuring the customer that the product is sound, cost effective and reliable. It gives confidence that the customer’s investment in the product was well made and can, in fact, augment both front and back-end sales.

Our engineers are fully qualified to work on both Commercial and Military Vessels Worldwide. The engineers are also OPITO BOSIET certified to enable mobilization to Offshore Platforms and CONDO trained for Military Deployment.

Our company insurance covers all range of activities to enables our engineers to work globally. All work is conducted within the scope of the company’s ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications.

The company maintains an effective service team to support the products that are sold and provide the following activities:

  • Onsite Consultancy for System Sizing, Provision of Design Specifications, Technical Reports and Supporting Documentation.
  • CAD Support Facilities incorporating Solidworks 3D System Modelling to support newbuilding installation and system retrofits.
  • System Health Checks and Pre-Upkeep Management Assessments prior to Refit.
  • Startup and Commissioning of new equipment.
  • Onsite Trouble Shooting and Rectification under Warranty.
  • Equipment overhaul, service and repair of Vacuum Toilets, Interface Valves, Pumps and Control Panels.
  • PLC programming and diagnostics.
  • Onsite training programs.

Aftersales Support

After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and retention. It provides reassurance, promotes brands and generates customer loyalty.

Transvac maintain a dedicated team of engineers and personnel that are focussed on providing after sales support for all its products, services and solutions.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance as it provides the measurement of success and enables growth and leadership.

After Sales support plays an invaluable role within our organisation, from the implementation of a product solution to the maintenance of the product onsite.

Our typical roles include:

  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Technical Support and Trouble Shooting
  • Onsite Engineers
  • Startup and Commissioning
  • Warranty Support
  • Onsite Surveys and Pre-Upkeep Management Assessments
  • Service and Repair of Equipment
  • Supervision and Training

Bespoke Manufacture

We realise that retrofit projects can present many challenges, particularly with space constraints and impingements from other equipment fitted in machinery spaces and shipping routes. On these occasions bespoke or modular designs have to be considered as the only feasible options.

Transvac’s ‘In-House’ resources enables the company to design and fabricate bespoke tanks, skidpacks and pressure vessels for ‘Tailor Made’ solutions.

Transvac Systems have significant expertise in the manufacture of a wide range of small to medium sized tanks, pressure vessels, skid-packs and manifolds to support bespoke and turnkey projects. We can provide a full project management service from development of design through manufacture to installation and commissioning onsite.

Our services include design or build from print to a customers’ specification. All supporting procedures, NDT and traceability are maintained in house.


The acquisition of specialist plant and ancillary equipment to meet the increasing demands of International Maritime Regulations can prove costly but essential to ensure that the vessel remains in compliance.

Transvac Systems can provide training courses to suit the needs of the customer in order to protect their investments through installing capability and confidence in the crew and reducing operational costs via regular maintenance and service plans.

Competent crew are essential for the safe running and upkeep of the vessel and are an asset for ship owners and operators. Regular training on the operation and maintenance of key equipment can provide long-term benefits, reduce running costs and increase the overall life of the equipment.

Our training packages will provide the crew with a good understanding of our systems and will give them confidence to operate and handle equipment safely and competently.

Training courses can be tailored to suit customer requirements and can be conducted onboard on a “One to One” or “Group” basis using the equipment that is pertinent to each vessel.

Each course is structured to provide both theoretical and practical experience of the operation of Evac Vacuum Sanitary Systems and Hyde Ballast Water Treatment Plant.

The courses include:

  • Product Familiarisation.
  • Principles of Operation.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance and Repair