Herborner Centrifugal Pumps

Herborner Pumpentechnik are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of close coupled centrifugal pumps.

Company Background:

Herborner produce the largest range of centrifugal pumps available on today’s market offering solutions for Clean Water, Gray & Black Water, Sewage,Water Separation, Condensates, Pressure Drainage, Municipal Pools and Aquaparks. The company operate their own steel foundry and produces pump bodies, impellers, wear-plates and associated components in-house in either cast iron or bronze materials.

Herborner are turn-key specialists and can provide innovative solutions for most applications.


Herborner Pumpentechnik’s commitment to excellence spans over 130 years, during which, the company has provided highly effective solutions to the following industries:

  • Naval and Commercial Shipbuilding
  • Offshore Industries (Oil and Gas Platforms).
  • Service Sector (Water and Waste Treatment).
  • Civil Engineering (Construction).
  • Leisure Industries (Municipal Pools and Aquaparks).

Proven Technology:

Herborner Pumpentechnik’s products have an impressive “track-record” and are renowned for durability and reliability.

Over the years, the company has developed a huge selection of pumps that range from the smallest closed coupled ejector pump to suit Naval Mine Countermeasure Vessels (shock tested to DG Ships 349 and MILSPEC 901 – c/w Low Magnetic Motors) to the largest self-priming swimming pool pump which will re-circulate treated pool water at over 600 m3/hr at a head of 20 metres.


The Range:

Herborner Pumpentechnik currently manufacture up to 13 varieties of centrifugal pumps which form their core range. In brief, these are as follows:


The market leader in swimming pool re-circulation. The Unibad range incorporates its own in-line filter. The “Energy Efficient” XC range is capable of recycling up to 95% of the heat generated back into the medium. The Unibad 72 range is a smaller self-priming pump which has been developed for lower capacity.

Unibad Brochure


Another range of specialist pumps designed for water movement for swimming pools, thermal waters, water works and industrial applications. The GFC model is another energy saving pump which can recycle the heat back to the medium. The “P” Model is a propeller block pump which is designed to move large volumes of water using minimum energy.

Uniblock Brochure


The Univers “T” is a range of submersible pumps designed for long service life and reliability. The Univers “TSG” has a rubber coated body to protect against aggressive particles such as sand and gravel. The Universe “TPO” incorporates a specially designed impeller to prevent blockages, making it ideal for pumping fish wastes and vegetables.

Univers Brochure

Unipump, Unicut and HP Jet

The Unipump is a rugged range of close coupled monobloc pumps that have been designed for maximum performance that will even adapt to pumping conditions. The Unicut is a unique design of centrifugal pump which includes a cutter head to enable the unit to process contaminated waste-streams which include heavy scale debris such as vegetables, sanitary towels, rubber gloves which usually clog impellers and cause further damage. The HP Jet system includes a waterjet ejector for emptying and cleaning municipal storm-drains and settling basins.

Unipump Brochure

Uniselb and 303 PZ

The Uniselb is a unique range of centrifugal self-priming pumps specifically designed for handling contaminated waters. These pumps can produce high suction capacity over a short period of time and can handle impurities thanks to the non-clogging system which incorporates a cutting edge on the impeller and a hardened wear-plate arrangement. The 303 PZ pumps have been designed to process media which includes high solids or gas content. The pump is highly efficient and is available with either a direct drive or adaptive belt with built-in inertia to minimize the effects of “water-hammer”.

Uniselb Brochure


The WATERblue-H range of recirculation pumps are designed to cater for the requirements of small to medium sized swimming pools, water parks, ice-rings, fountains, heat recovery and industrial parks. The pump incorporates a built-in filter which catches lint, hair and small debris before it passes through the pump body. The filter is easy to clean and does not require any tools to remove the basket.

The WATERblue-H is available in various materials to suit operation in conjunction with fresh water, pool water, sea water, and industrial waters which include contaminated and coarse materials in the liquid.

Motors are available from 0.75kW to 7.50kW with standard, magnetic and variable speed drives option to cater for energy efficiency.

WATERblue-H Brochure