Antifoam Dosing Unit

Transvac Systems have developed a range of innovative maintenance equipment specifically designed to enhance the operation of Marine Vacuum Sanitary Systems as installed on a wide variety of vessels and offshore installations operating worldwide.

The Antifoam Dosing Unit is just one of the products that has been introduced as a result of customer demand and a continual development towards the provision of “Labour Saving” devices to assist the “End User” in overall maintenance and to ensure that the Vacuum Sanitary System continues to provide optimal performance.

Most black water collection/hold tanks and sewage treatment plants that use aeration as a process are susceptible to failure as a result of the introduction of chemical products that include foaming surfactants such as toilet cleaner, shampoos and cleaning agents.

Design Features:

State Of-The-Art Monitoring
The Antifoam Dosing Unit incorporates a high quality Prominent pump from the Gala Range. The metered quantity is directly displayed in l/h. The large illuminated LC display makes sure that all displayed variables are simple to read.

How It Works:

The Antifoam Dosing Unit has been designed to to meter pre-determined batches of Antifoam Agent to the surface of the tank contents on a “Little and Often” basis.

The Antifoam Agent (TSHD9) is a biodegradable surfactant agent which is miscible in liquids and emuslifies the build-up of foam as and when it occurs.

The Antifoam Dosing Unit is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance, thanks to it’s “state-of-the-art” LC timer and feed rate scroll controls.


  • No metering errors: direct clear text settings and feed rate monitoring.
  • Easy to read values thanks to large backlit LC display – even in difficult viewing conditions.
  • Level monitoring of chemicals via an input for a two-stage floatswitch with early warning indicator.

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