Transtrap Solids Trap

The Transtrap Solids Trap is a Tine Filter which has been designed to effectively capture large scale debris (such as Rags, Rope, Bolts and Bottles etc) prior to entering the Ejectors and Pumps.

How It Works:

The large scale debris is caught by the vertical filter tines and falls to the bottom of the filter sump, effectively taking it off-line prior to entering and fouling Vacuum Generating Equipment (Online Pumps and Ejectors).


The Transtrap Solids Trap is supplied in sizes DN65 and DN80 and can be manufactured in either Stainless (AISI 304 or AISI 316) or Galvanised Steel. The filters are usually installed in-line and adjacent to the Vacuum Centrals to gain maximum effect. A bypass line is also fitted to the arrangement in order to allow the operator to open and clean the unit without having to take the entire Vacuum Toilet Systems off-line.


Operation: The Transtrap is user-friendly, strongly constructed and simple to use. The unit is a permanent in-line fixture and does not require any manual operation.

Maintenance: The Transtrap does not contain any moving parts and other than periodic cleaning, does not require any maintenance.

Labour Saving: Transtraps have been fitted to over 150 vessels worldwide with great results. The units have proven extremely successful in removing potentially damaging objects prior to entering Vacuum Centrals and have dramatically reduced system down-time and costs towards repairs.